Acceptance of custom order Terms & conditions.  Culture Studio stands behind the quality of the work we produce. Our goal is to reproduce your graphic onto the garment substrate with maximum accuracy, quality, and consistency. Because the total satisfaction of the end-user with the final decorated product is ultimately subjective, we offer several layers of approval including a digital mock-up and high res photo approval by request. Culture Studio operates under strict quality controls and documented guidelines to ensure a quality finished product, we will not be held responsible for end-user subjectivity.  In responding approved to the order email and the digital mock-up the user is acknowledging that they understand the risks of making custom merchandise and by accepting will be compensating CS in full for the work done contrary to a subjective view of quality.

Culture Studio has an industry average of 3% spoilage rate, which means we are allowed 3% of accidents without fault. Spoilage happens and sometimes is unavoidable with automated machinery. During these occasions, we do not charge the customer for those garments. If spoilage is greater than 3%, CS picks up the cost of the loss which will be applied in a discount. In the event that exact quantities are needed 1 of each size or 3% over the exact quantity is required.

This option will automatically add an additional 3% overage units(on top of the units confirmed here) per style, color, and size to guarantee that we are able to ship the exact quantities on your order. By choosing this option, you are agreeing to also pay for any additional first quality pieces from the 3% surplus quantity. You will not be charged for any irregular or damaged units.

Example: An order of 100 units may be billed for an additional 3 units (3% surplus) for a total of 103 units. EXACT QUANTITIES NOT GUARANTEED 
Under this option, we will NOT add any additional units per style, color, and size. We will do our best to deliver the exact quantity requested but there may be up to a 3% shortage per style, color, and size. By choosing this option, you run the risk of receiving 3% fewer units (i.e., irregulars and/or damages) than the requested quantity.
Example: An order of 100 units may end up shipping only 97 units (3% shortage).

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