It can be frustrating having a vision for your merchandise and not able to find the garment to match. That’s why we’ve created our Dye & Wash Program to allow you to customize your own garments from scratch!


Choose your garment


First you’ll need to select a PFD garment. This is a Prepared for Dye garment, meaning:

– It has had no optic whiteners added

– It is sewn with cotton thread (so the stitching dyes the same color)

– It is cut oversize to account for shrinkage during the dye process

PFD garments will yield the best results, but white garments are also acceptable (just make sure to size up to accommodate for shrinkage).

There’s multiple PFD options, but we chose a crewneck, hoodie, and joggers to create custom sweatsuits (hoodie pictured above as example).


Find your inspiration


Gather some inspiration photos (Pinterest and Instagram are great for scouting trends). Just make sure they are all consistent and communicate your vision, since this is how we will determine the correct dye and wash combination for your garments.

Descriptions can be helpful as well, the more specific the better. Heavy or light distressing? Bold or muted tones? Check out our Dye & Wash catalog for examples and terminology.

Below is the tech pack we created with mockups and descriptions to convey our vision. A tech pack is not necessary, so if you don’t have the Photoshop chops then inspiration images will do just fine.



Final product


We take your inspiration and bring your creation to life! We offer samples for a fee if you are interested in comparing different options or want to see the outcome before committing (but we can guarantee it will turn out awesome).


Add decoration


Now you have a completely unique piece of merchandise — leave it blank or add decoration like screen print, embroidery, transfers, or nailheads. Check out our Decoration Guide for all options.

We chose to go with a “Prototype” theme for ours, listing the garment makeup and dye techniques with puff specialty ink to accentuate certain text.

Interested in creating your own custom garments?

Check out our Dye & Wash catalog or contact us to get started!

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