When launching an e-commerce merchandise store there is a lot to consider.

Will you invest in inventory and choose a 3rd Party Logistics company to store and ship the products? If so, how do you gauge how many to purchase? 

A: With experience. There are many products that either take time to produce or are imported, and if you want to deliver a quality piece this is a necessary evil.  Try things and focus on the data. Always start out small and keep things “limited supply” to create hype and exclusivity.

What about  Print-On-Demand? There is no risk, right?

A: Correct! Which is why On-Demand is an incredible way to gauge market fit and experiment with different designs/products. The go-to will be digitally printed apparel, and the technology has really caught up with quality.  Upload designs to different products and launch at will, see what happens.  This feature allows the store to really look full and have basic products always available for your community to purchase.

So then there are Timed Campaigns too?

Timed Campaigns have really been magical for E-comm sellers.  This process is also inventory and risk-free in which a product can be launched on a specific start and stop time frame. (What’s the difference between Timed Campaigns & Print-On-Demand?)

Think Yeezy.  On Saturday morning at 7am, the marketing goes out and a new hoodie goes live. The product is available until Wednesday morning at 7am, the product is taken down and the sale is closed. Orders are tallied up and the production clock starts. If you have a great process in place, in 72 hours the product has been manufactured, the shipping labels are printed, and merchandise is shipped out to customers. Onto the next one.

The hybrid model encompasses all 3 of these unique selling styles.  Aggregation of orders in this manner also allows maximizing of margin and gives the seller the ability to change processes according to consumer behavior.

– Rich Santo, CEO


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