Sublimated Bandanas: Your Brand’s Ultimate Canvas

Unleash Your Boldest Artwork

Print full color artwork or photos on these Sublimated Bandanas that are just as soft as they are stylish. Made from a polyester/spandex blend, these are lightweight, breathable, and stretchy to accommodate however your fans want to wear them. They can also serve as a cost-effective way to expand your product line and offer customers something new and exciting.

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S1 Sublimated Bandana

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  • 95/5 spun polyester/spandex
  • 20″ x 20″ size
  • Merrow edge finish


Sublimation Inspiration

Full Color Photos

Turn any photo into a dynamic all-over print, perfect for showcasing your latest album cover or a mini version of your tour poster.



Sublimation works well for designs with repetition because it can extend all the way to each edge of the garment, creating a seamless transition.

Hyperrealistic Artwork

With the ability to capture intricate details and subtle nuances, Sublimation allows you to bring your most imaginative designs to life.

High Color Designs

Bold & funky is the perfect match for sublimation. No need to worry about color counts, showcase every color of the rainbow and even add gradients.



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