Transfers are a great way to decorate materials and garments that you may not be able to screen print on directly. They offer the benefit of adding high color artwork to headwear without the costly embroidery stitch counts, and also the creative freedom of adding dimension and flair to your design with specialty transfers.

Most transfers are adhered to the garment using a heat press. The transfer is placed on the garment, heat pressed, and then the carrier paper is peeled off, leaving the design on the garment. The design is sealed with a cover sheet and pressedagain to cure the application.

Hat Transfer

Specifically made for hats to form to panels and go over seams. Sleek and high quality look.

Screen Printed Transfers

Hats cannot be directly screen printed on, but that doesn’t mean you have to simplify your artwork. Print your multi-colored designs on hats with transfers, giving the ability to achieve gradients and small details that embroidery cannot.


Nylon transfers are great for garments like bomber jackets, active wear, and other more slippery or waterproof materials.



Soft, raised velvet-like texture that’s popular for laying over a soft discharge print. Flock is a substance made of short fibers containing cotton, rayon, wool and other natural or synthetic fibers.

Flock printing requires making separate screens for each of a design’s colors in a way that’s similar to traditional screen printing. But instead of printing with traditional inks, flock adhesive is printed onto the garment and flock fibers are distributed across the wet adhesive. The garment passes through an electrostatic field that makes each fiber stand up vertically, embedding the tips of the fibers in the adhesive. The finished flocked garment is then cured in a textile dryer with hot convection air, resulting in a plush, 3-D design.



Immitation diamonds applied to garments by heat press. Accent parts of your design to add dimension or use rhinestones for your entire logo.


Foils come in a variety of colors like gold, silver, rainbow, and holographic. Shiny & sleek!


Sublimated Twill

Digitally printed patterns on twill that gives a stitched appearance. Available in variety of patterns like camo, polka dot, zebra, tie dye, and more. Option to split front to go over a jersey.

High Density

HD Transfers have a rubber-like texture that add a quality 3D look to any logo, perfect for decorating hats and jackets.


Heat transfer vinyl that stands out in the dark. Can be used as safety decoration for athletes and construction workers, but it’s now trending in streetwear and athleisure as well.


Shiny decorative metal heads applied to garments by heat press. Adds an edgy look to any outerwear or garment.

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