Puff print made a major comeback in 2022 and shows no signs of slowing. This method of printing first became popular in the 80s and has greatly improved since, both in quality and overall look.

If you work in the fashion and apparel industry, you have probably seen puff print everywhere, lately. Nike, Adidas, and the explosively popular Cactus Plant Flea Market have all incorporated puff print into their lines this year

Puff ink is a plastisol that has been modified with a heat-reactive foaming agent, causing the ink to expand when exposed to high temperatures. When the garment is cured, a tactile, 3D effect is created.

We love how versatile puff ink is and how it can be used. Add depth to a screen print or any text. Simulate a clothing patch. Outline a specific area or letters for dimension and pop. It even works as a great alternative to high-density printing as it is less labor-intensive (and therefore, less costly) and uses only one layer of ink.

There are not many limitations to puff print, besides small text and designs (less that 1-2mm wide). It’s important to consider a design and font that will look great with thick lines. A great example is this hoodie we recently produced with Sana.







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