THE POWER OF PROMOTIONAL MERCHANDISE conducted a study where they asked 150 people to draw iconic logos from memory. Although the recalled illustrations ranged from person to person, the majority were able to remember the basic shapes and color scheme of the logos. Like below with the Apple logo, everyone was able to recall the apple icon–the only differences were in small details, such as the bite in the apple or which way the logo faces. This goes to show how powerful logos are in advertising and more importantly, the more frequently people are exposed to a logo, the more likely they are able to recall the brand.

Branded merchandise is a great way to promote brand recognition and keep your brand front-of-mind for consumers. Based on surveys, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular promotional products according to consumers that received free merchandise from companies.

58% of consumers own branded t-shirts. T-shirts are the most owned promotional product in the U.S., with outerwear and headwear following close behind. Clothing items have the most longevity out of promotional products, as they are likely to stay in someone’s wardrobe for decades (or passed along to someone else). Plus, people are essentially walking billboards for your brand when they wear a tee with your logo printed across the chest.

53% of consumers own branded drinkware. Whether they are using your water bottle for the gym, or filling up your mug with coffee every morning, drinkware gets a lot of usage. If your promotional item gets used everyday by someone, the chances they will recall your brand is very high.

50% of consumers own branded bags. Bags generate more impressions than any other products. Just like t-shirts and wearables, bags are often used in public places and therefore likely to receive more attention.

50% of consumers own branded desk accessories. Items like mouse pads, notebooks, and pens are generally the best value because they offer the lowest cost per impression. Not to mention, these products are great for creating a sense of brand unity within the office or for gifting to new hires. (Check out our blog post on Welcome Gifts for New Hires.)

26% of consumers own branded charging banks. Utility is key! Charging banks were ranked the most useful item to keep around by consumers. The majority of people own smartphones and need to charge on-the-go so these have high-staying power compared to other products.


The promotional products worth ordering = number of impressions + usefulness. Choose products that people are likely to keep around and use in their daily life and your brand’s reach is sure to increase.
Let us help you build your brand. From creative services to fulfillment, we are the one-stop shop for merchandise. If you’re interested in promotional products, you can use our Online Design Tool or contact us today to get started.

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