Culture Studio is committed to keeping your brand running–even when the economy gets hit with curve balls, like the Coronavirus. Many businesses that source from China are scrambling to find alternatives for materials and manufacturers. At Culture Studio, we strive to be the “one-stop-shop” for merchandise production so that your business can remain consistent, even when supply chains are not. From design conception to retail services, we are able to provide expert knowledge every step of the way to ensure efficient results for you and the end-user. Printing, sublimation, cut & sew, embroidery, and custom dyes/washes, and finishings are all done here in-house for a quick turnaround.

The apparel & retail industry is currently facing a lot of uncertainty and stress due to the delay in sourced materials and products. According to the New York Times, Coronavirus infections are approaching 90,000 worldwide. People whose health is affected by the COVID-19 virus is the top priority, but unfortunately, businesses do have to prepare for the economic consequences that will occur. Due to the time sensitivity of the industry, many buyers may have to seek alternative options if they normally source from overseas suppliers. A lot of factories are on lockdown or shipments are paused due to the outbreak.

China serves as a manufacturer for everything from luxury brands like Prada to fast-fashion brands like H&M. All brands that source from China are going to see delays in getting their inventory in the next few months. Uniqlo’s delay of their material shipments from China have resulted in the clothing company having to push back the launch of their new product lines.

Aaron Luo is the cofounder of Terracota Partners, a company that helps fashion brands build supply chains in China. He emphasizes that many parts of the supply chain are already being affected.

“We have buttons coming from one factory in one part of the country and zippers coming from another,” he explains. “If several parts of the process is delayed, everything slows down.” 

Even brands that source materials from elsewhere, often send the garments to China at some point for either cut & sew, appliques, or other finishing techniques.

Domestic manufacturers are a good option to consider at this time–everything produced under one roof will cut out any delays that may occur when there are disruptions in the supply chain. This allows you to efficiently fulfill your orders on time and get it in the hands of the consumer quicker.

In addition, people will be limiting their travel to public spaces, especially shopping centers. Brick & mortar stores will be seeing a decline in sales so if you are a retailer that relies on foot traffic, you may want to give your e-commerce presence a boost.

Coronavirus is shaking up the world and its industries, but we are here to help if you are experiencing difficulties sourcing products or materials. Whether it’s garment printing or building a custom site for your merchandise, we’ve got the team to do it all. Download the Decoration Guide here for a full look at services available.


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