Screen Printing Inks


Printing with plastisol is the most common way to screen print. The colors are vibrant, durable, and come in a wide-range of choices. It does not interfere with the fabric’s dye or color, allowing for the application of any shade or color.


Discharge inks remove the dye of the garment and print the top color directly into it. This is able to give you bright bold colors while keeping a soft hand-feel when produced on 100% cotton garments.

Printing Methods


Ink:100% plastisol bases & top colors.

Attributes:100% opaque, no fibers showing through print, heavy hand feel.

Garments:Great for fleece, 100% polyester, 50/50 garments, triblends.

Pantone Match:100% Pantone match.


Ink:Discharge under base, plastisol top colors.

Attributes:Vibrant colors, soft hand, durable print, next evolution of screen printing.

Garments: 100% cotton preferred, 50/50 garments, and triblends (may have slight shift in colors).

Pantone Match:5% – 10% color variance.


Ink: 100% discharge/waterbase under base & top colors.

Attributes: More vintage or faded look, super soft hand feel.

Garments: 100% cotton preferred, lighter garments result in more vibrant prints.

Pantone Match: 5% – 10% color variance.


Put to the test — we printed using the Combination Method and Discharge Method on a 80/20 100% cotton face pigment dyed garment.

Discharge Base + Plastisol Top Colors:

Discharge Ink Only:

The Results

As you can see, the Combination Method results in the more vibrant print. Using a discharge underbase maintains a soft hand feel to the garment while the plastisol top colors give maximum vibrancy.

Using Discharge ink only can be a good option if you are specifically looking to achieve a more faded or vintage look. However, the Combination Method is typically the best option in most cases.

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