• 2020

Mr. Beast

1 Million Subscriber Livestream

The 217,000 Unit Drop Shipping Project

YouTube influencer, Mr.Beast, held a 24-hour livestream with a merch drop in celebration of reaching 1 million subscribers. He promised to hand sign every shirt purchased, raising the incentive for fans as they scrambled to get their hands on a limited edition tee. The livestream sale racked up 217,000 orders which immediately needed to be produced and shipped out to all of the fans.

We synced the e-commerce orders to our shipping platform and created batches of labels organized by size for efficient packing. We kept a spreadsheet to track how many labels had been printed and shipped out daily to help estimate the amount of items that could be packed by one person in a day, and expand our team accordingly. 14,000 units a day were hand picked, packed, and shipped out to the end user.

Our team quickly grew to accommodate deadlines, and worked to create a system that prioritized both speed and accuracy. Keeping production and shipping all under one roof resulted in a time and cost effective method for the client to get merch out to their fans. Being able to oversee the process from start to finish left less room for error or delays in transferring product from one location to the next.

The client built such a strong community within their fan base, and it was our job to upkeep this connection by delivering the merchandise. We are committed to growing with our client’s and pushing the limits – if a client can sell 217,000 shirts in 24 hours, then we will find a way to get them produced and delivered.

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