Inspired by their Fall Winter 2019 show, Gucci has a nice line-up of different t-shirts and sweatshirts, to support their recent purpose driven branding and at a high price ticket at that.

Gucci also continues to crush competition in the luxury branding category, by taping into none other than the millennial generation and their buying power.


According to a Forbes article, a bit of Gucci’s most recent success is attributed to its new purpose-driven, environmentally progressive program, Gucci Equilibrium.

“The brand has established this program through a new microsite that reports the company’s CSR policies, environmental impact, employee satisfaction and structural innovations. This effort grants Gucci the authenticity, transparency and, most importantly, accountability that consumers seek.”


Integrating sustainability into your own personal branding is key. Additionally, the rise of e-commerce continues to play a vital role in the industry of luxury fashion. “According to Deloitte, 20.5% of millennials cited social media as their main source of high-end fashion and luxury product trends, compared to 15.1% who cited brands’ websites.”

Capturing this new, millennial audience with sustainable and ethical business practices is key to standing out in the industry today. And embracing e-commerce focused business models offers a millennial consumers a way to engage with a brand on their own termsm

Check out the full line here –

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